Connect neighborhood companies with tourists from all over the world in a sustainable way and thus promote the economic development of commercial establishments and the entire community in a responsible way.





Make Passport AR a reference application for all the people who are visiting Barcelona, ​​in addition to offering local businesses a complete and secure platform to control and manage discounts and product offers.





Offer Unique Shopping Experiences
Reward Customers Fairly
Promote Respect for Local Culture.
Promote Neighborhood Offline Commerce
Offer Sustainable and Environmentally Respectful Visiting Routes
Develop Ideas that Improve Our Products and Services Offered to Society.
Discover, Understand and Consolidate the Needs of Our Clients.
Favor the Development of Merchants and Tourists through Education
Behave in a Dignified, Honest, and Ethical Manner in All Our Actions
Keep Our Word




Passport AR Platform

Passport AR is an application available on iOS and Android platforms. It is focused on the international tourism industry. It was developed to modernize the way people connect with destinations, eliminating the need for a printed guide using only a Smartphone on their Travel journey. The Passport AR application suggests unique routes for various types of needs and wants.
This process increases tourism services existing in the locality, adding an important channel in the local tourism value chain.
We are currently operating with 1 commercial representative in Ibiza for the summer of 2020.




The Story

Our story began in Toronto where we developed a non-gamified version with a greater focus on historical and educational content. This application called Kensington Market – Hidden Histories was conducted in partnership with the University of Toronto. The goal was successfully achieved by preserving the historic heritage of Toronto’s most iconic neighborhood, Kensington Market.
With the application put to the test, there was only one profitable business model that covered: 1) Scalability; 2) Innovation, and; 3) Cost.
Awarded by the Canadian Laurel Students Bureau, we moved on to a commercial version, adding dozens of features and a flexible business model. Aftermarket research, we consider that commercial representation and the use license of the Passport AR platform as the main source of revenue in this model.




Return to the Community

The Platform works as a complete facilitator who offers rewards to the tourist (consumer), covering all the segments and categories of commerce available, on a platform that reciprocates the engagement in the form of virtual currency that can be exchanged for real goods in’ stores Merchants.
We value the tourist by placing him as the protagonist in each route of our menu, with more engagement the tourist can immerse himself in complete experiences and designed for different audience profiles so that the customer enjoys the best that the platform can provide in his trip.
To trade Passport AR is a consumer attractor to the business and brand disseminator to a highly qualified audience. We offer a secure advertising and communication service with maximum demographic reach, where we frame the customers of Passport AR refining the audience by increasing the opportunity of first sale and up-selling.




Actors in The Process

1. Merchants: Customers who purchase the “Retail” or “Corporate” insertion plans divided into more than 22 categories of the tourist trade are: Arts, Drinks, bicycles, bakeries, bookstores, beauty, coffee, clothes, restaurants, supermarkets, spas, shops, hotels, nightclubs, beach clubs, and much more.
2. Player Tourist: Person who downloads the application and logs in using social network and starts to accumulate virtual currency, performing the tours and visiting the indicated places.
The Passport AR application definitely extends communication to the business tourism consumer, see below the key features of the Application.
1. Smart Maps
2. Virtual Currency
3. Shopping
4. Augmented Reality Points (Rewards)
5. Routes and Events
6. Tourist Attractions




Smart Maps

The Smart Maps is one of the most important features of the Passport AR Platform. Smart Maps locates all the best deals in the city and drives the tourists and locals to the venues so they can collect virtual currency, exchange the points, know new venues, and have more valuable experiences with the Brand.
Smart Maps concept, was developed using geofences that identify when the customer reaches the venue (Merchants). When the customer is within the venue they can trigger the Augmented Reality experience and collect the points (Virtual Currency). The customer accumulates virtual currency in order to redeem real goods listed in the In-App shopping feature. The Smart Maps show the POIs (Points Of Interest) when clicked show detailed information about the venue. See below how the SmartMaps works.
Accessing the Smart Maps POIs (Point of Interests) the Tourist can see detailed information about the venue and can make a phone call, reservations and directions to the place indicated.




In-App Store

Passport AR Platform has 8 categories of products to be redeemed: Foods & Drinks, Fashion, Gif Cards, Arts, Tickets, Parties & Music, Wellness and Adventure. In The Flagship Passport Ibiza, more than 5,000 euros in rewards offered to the tourists coming to Ibiza right now. The Platform virtual store can be customized according to the portfolio of services and products offered in the region in which it is located. Passport AR is a flexible and locally adjustable platform of the Representative (Licensed).




Virtual Currency Exchange Mechanic

The virtual coins collected are exchanged in an easy, safe, and certified way. We use a unidirectional transaction model, that is, the voucher holder in the form of QR code transfers the value in virtual currency to the merchants, merchant via Passport Delegate APP, which hands the product of the exchange.




Routes & Events

And to get the so valuable virtual currency the tourist just has to play the routes we built especially for them. There are dozens of routes and points of interest to check-in and earn the virtual currency.




Augmented Reality

In every POI (point-of-interest) the tourists/locals are invited to collect the virtual currency, then they can capture the Augmented Reality objects, it’s a challenge and very addictive experience to all customers because the serotonin effect makes the customers needs more and more virtual currency. That’s why people fall in love with Passport Ibiza. Augmented Reality is a very innovative technology and a trend that is changing the way people experience life. Augmented Reality content can be delivered directly to thousands of device models around the world. It’s very accessible technology.