If you Installed the Passport AR

Is time to have the best features available in your hands but fisrt if you want to know more about Passport Ar Tours Spain read the FAQ below and if you need more informations about the Product just let us know.

1 – What is Smart Maps?

The Smart Maps are the most important feature of the Passport AR Platform. Smart Maps locates all the best deals in the city and drives you to the venues so you can collect the Virtual Currency, exchange the points, know new places and have more valuable experiences in the city you’re visiting.

2 – What is Virtual Currency?

Virtual currency is the Passport AR money. Using the Passport Ar virtual Currency you can buy or exchange by experiences, goods, adventures, tickets or discount in products available in the Passport Store. The products are offered by the Passport AR Partners.

3 – What is The Routes?

Routes are walk-around events that you have to follow to collect Virtual Currency. All the routs are the best indications of places where you can go, collect Augmented Reality prizes, earn Virtual Currency, exchange by goods, know history and have the greatest experiences available.

4 – How to exchange my virtual currency?

You can exchange the Virtual Currency you have in the balance accessing the Passport Ar Store, choose what you prefer between 8 categories available

5 – What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR is an effects that places virtual objects on as real world using the device’s camera. Passport AR has this special and funny feature that you can play around and win special prizes every time you find the virtual object hidden within the store’s partners. You can find the AR prizes when you play the Routes.

6 – Can I buy more Virtual Currency?

NO, You can only collect the Virtual Currency when you play the Routes and checkin the places marked on the Route’s Smart Map.

7 – Who can Download the Passport AR?

Anyone can download, install and play the routes, collect Virtual Currency and exchange by any product, adventure or adventures available on the Passport AR Store.

8 – Why I need to login using the Social Media?

Login using social media is a way to validate you really exists and make your balance accurate and counting. Using social media you also have some advantages only available is you login using social media.

9 – Passport AR is Free for all?

YES, Passport Ar is free for all.

10 – How many item can I exchange using my Virtual Currency?

You can exchange as much as you have in your balance. All products have a price in virtual currency so you can exchange since you have the amount available in your account balance.

11 – Does Passport AR saves my GPS position?

NO, Passport AR don’t have any record about your GPS position.

12 – Is Passport AR compliant to GDPR?

YES, Passport AR is GDPR compliance, it mean that all your personal data belongs to you and can be delete whenever you want.

13 – What personal information Passport AR saves?

Passport AR don’t save pr keep track record or any personal information about you.

14 – Passport AR uses or sell my personal information to a third-party companies?

NOOOOOOO. We take care of your privacy and all the information you share with us is keep in secure and reliable servers.

15 – Can I cancel and/or delete my account on Passport AR?

Yes, you can delete your account whenever you want it. Access the account area i n the Passport AR app and click que button <Delete Account>.