Passport Delegate

Passport AR is introducing two new features for the summer of 2020. For you our customers and advertisers, we introduce the new App Passport Delegate with the special functionality of collecting the vouchers your customers have purchased. Passport Delegate allows you to have the control necessary to validate all Vouchers that your customers will exchange for discounts at your establishment. Now much simpler and easier to use Passport Delegate is imperative for you to have success and control over your offers in Passport AR.

We’ve created a quick process for validating Vouchers generated by Passport AR apps, for any location. Understand how the Delegate is useful for you shopkeeper.

SECURITY: Ensure that the Voucher was generated by Passport AR because all transactions are stored on our servers, so we can check if the Voucher presented is true or not.

VALIDITY: When requesting the account, the customer when presenting the Voucher with the experience you offered and using the Delegate you scan the Voucher and you will know if it is within the expiration date and if the transaction is still valid.

AUTHENTICITY: When validating the Voucher the system authenticates the transaction generating security keys for both sides. Transaction validation only happens when these keys are true and authentic.

LOYALTY: The more points your client has, the more they can consume in their establishment.

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